Ticket Check Positive Response System

Excavators can use the Ticket Check system to easily access and view the status of a submitted locate request.

Excavators and facility operators can access Ticket Check at www.managetickets.com.  Facility operators can use the “Ticket Check” option on the left side of the screen to update the status of the location request.  Excavators and the general public can use “Search & Status” on the right side of the screen to search for and check the status of location requests.

The following are brief descriptions of the codes used to find the status of a locate request:

(1) Clear/No conflict = There is no conflict with the facility operator that was notified.  This facility operator does not have buried lines near the dig site as described by the excavator.

(2) Marked = The facility operator has gone out to the site and marked its facilities.

(3) Marking will be delayed = The facility operator is not able to mark the location within the 5 business days requirement.

(4) Caller made aware of available records = The facility operator has spoken with the excavator or provided the excavator with map(s) to indicate the location of buried facilities and/or lines.

(5) Area not marked in white/No action taken = The excavator has not marked the area in white.  Hawaii law requires that excavators mark their dig site with white paint prior to calling in a locate request.  Facility operators do not consider locate requests that are not marked out in white as valid.  A new request needs to be filed after the area is marked in white.