OCC Advisory Committee Members

Dean K. Nishina

Consumer Advocate
Dept. of Commerce & Consumer Affairs)

E-mail address: dnishina@dcca.hawaii.gov

Telephone No.: (808) 586-2800

Canaan Shon

Representing the Building Industry Assoc.
(Hawaii Geophysical Services)

E-mail address: canaans@hawaiigs.com

Telephone No.: (808) 845-3900

Leonard Leong

Representing General Contractors Assoc.
(Royal Contracting)

E-mail address: leonard@royalcontracting.com

Telephone No.: (808) 839-9006

Steve Golden (Committee Chairman)

Representing the Telecommunications Industry
(Hawaiian Telcom Inc.)

E-mail address: steven.golden@hawaiiantel.com

Telephone No.: (808) 546-3877

Christopher K. Hall

Representing the Gas Utility Industry
(Hawaii Gas)

E-mail address: chall@hawaiigas.com

Telephone No.: (808) 594-5553


Representing the Pipeline Operators Industry

E-mail address:

Telephone No.:

George Abcede

Representing the State Dept. of Transportation

E-mail address: George.abcede@hawaii.gov

Telephone No.: (808)-831-6700 ext.134

Alan “Keone” Thompson

Representing the County of Hawaii
(County of Hawaii)

E-mail address: keone.thompson@hawaiicounty.gov

Telephone No.: (808) 961-8013

Donald Fujimoto

Representing the County of Kauai
(County of Kauai)

E-mail address: dfujimoto@kauai.gov

Telephone No.: (808) 241-4891

Randall Ching

Representing General Contractors Assoc.
(Highway Construction Company)

E-mail address: randy@highwaycontructionco.com

Telephone No.: (808) 841-1511

Brandon Abelaye

Representing Water Utilities
(Honolulu Board of Water Supply)

E-mail address: babelaye@hbws.org

Telephone No.: (808) 748-5376

Lee A. Mansfield

Representing Wastewater Utilities
(Hawaii American Water)

E-mail address: lee.mansfield@amwater.com

Telephone No.: (808) 394-1285

Anthony Hong

Representing the Electric Utility Industry
(Hawaiian Electric Company)

E-mail address: anthony.hong@hawaiianelectric.com

Telephone No.: (808) 543-4425

William Spiegelberg

Representing the Building Industry Assoc.
(Ikaika/Osmose Utilities Services)

E-mail address: wspiegelberg@ikaika.net

Telephone No.: (808) 228-1242

Frank Planton

Ex officio member representing HOCC
(One Call Concepts, Inc.)

E-mail address: fplanton@teleport.com

Telephone No.: (503) 232-1987


Representing the City & County of Honolulu

E-mail address:

Telephone No.:

Mitchell Miyoshi

Representing the Cable Service Industry
(Spectrum fka Timewarner Cable)

E-mail address: mitch.miyoshi@charter.com

Telephone No.: (808) 625-8370

Wendy Taomoto

Representing the County of Maui

E-mail address: wendy.taomoto@co.maui.hi.us

Telephone No.: (808) 270-7835